Op Art by Arge Kugelstein

Original one-of-a-kind Op Art paintings by Austrian artist Arge Kugelstein

All paintings airbrush on poster board, initialled by the artist in bottom right corner

Technique: Metallic/Illu-color acrylic airbrush paint using hand-made templates and backgrounds (no computer work involved)
Poster Board Size: 96 X 68 cm / 37.8 X 26.8 inch.
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The Artist in Brief

Arge (pron. "archie") Kugelstein Born Graz, Austria 1942
Apprenticeship as chemical laboratory worker. Chemical industry until 1972.
Influenced by yoga he turned to painting mandalas and developing his own Op Art technique
using exclusively hand made stencils
1972-1982 Constructive, pseudo-representational art, using tiers of colour to define space
1982-1986 Photo-real airbrush art
1986-1995 Extensive use of stencils of portraits, torsos and nudes.
Extensive use in backgrounds of Oriental, Byzantinian, Indian and Celtic ornaments,
Arabic Scripts, Japanese graphics and Vaserely graphics.
1995-2004 Experimentation in backgrounds using newspaper graphics, comics, advertising,
and integrating flowers, plants, animals, caricatures etc. to create
primeval forests, Chinese-, Japanese-, European-mideaval woodcuts, Escher graphics,
interior and exterior architecture, Vienese and Russian Jugendstil
2004 Contemporary Arts Award of The Federal State of Styria, Austria
2004-2007 New templates incorporating Wilhelm Busch, Heinrich Zille, Gothic Interior Architecture,
city architecture, the wonderful Escher again, midieval woodcarvings, Russian Jugendstil, comic illustrations,
Byzantine and Islamic Ornatmentation

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