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Monday, November 12th

Exhibition Dublin Ireland 15th November 2007

Group Exhibition featuring Patricio Cassinoni, Brian Halligan and Manfred Url among others

Opening night 6pm
Thursday, November 15th
(Runs until November 21st)

Filmbase, Curved Street,
Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Venue website

With guest speaker Dr. Clare McAndrew

Charity auction conducted by Adam’s

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Tuesday, November 6th

" a young Jackson Pollock..." USA, Sept. '07

Excerpt from "The Zephyr" Galesburg & Knoxville, Illinois, September 6, 2007

Like a young Jackson Pollock, Manfred Url of Austria performed before a mesmerized audience at the August 31st, 2007 opening of his "LampPaintings" and Matt Meyer's "Metal Works" at the Galesburg Civic Art Center. (...) On the floor a stretched canvas approx. 6 feet 3 inches [200cm] was lit from behind. Performed Celtic music and Sacred Drum sounds filled the air and seemed to guide url's gestures with the long-handled paint roller. In silent concentration [and] without a word, [Url] demonstated some varied techniques he used in the finished works surrounding him on the walls.

"Pan Art" is the term he uses in reference to his art. It comes from the Greek "Panta Rhei" which translates "everything flows". Before our eyes, as he works, an image does flow. The paint is in constant flux just as in the American Action Painting of Jackson Pollock in the 1950's.

In contrast to Pollock's pure paint build up on the surface, Url returns to the dried canvas and through collage, creates representatinal cityscapes. The small "Chicago Dreams" with its downtown bridges drawn open, is one of them.

Another, "Coming Home", is a much larger work with actual potato sacks attached to the bottom of the painting as if trash were blowing in the wind, and corrugated cardboard (frequently used [by Url] for buildings) defining skycrapers. Many painting techniques: smudging, dragging, swirls, are seen in the motley threatening yellow and umber sky.

(...) The exhibits are up till September 29th.

Critic by Paulette Thenhaus. Music by Irish singer and percussionist Bríd Ní Mhaoileoin

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Nov '07 Representation by new Austrian Interior Design Company

"The Original LampPaintings by Manfred Url" are being represented by the new Austrian Interior Design company "Gaisrucker". The official opening of the showroom will take place on Friday 9th November 2007 starting at 4pm.

"Gaisrucker Einrictung und Farbtechnik"
Parkstraße 7,
8010 Graz

"Always changing; everything for good, nothing for nothing." - Flying Hawk, Sioux Chief

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Manfred Url in the US Press Sept. 2007

Manfred and one of his paintings in the Galesburg Register, Illinois, USA. Click HERE

"You must have chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."—Friedrich Nietzsche

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November 2007