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JAYSUS, how do you pronounce yer name? [bri:dj ñi: wiljo:n]

This is the closest I could get using an adapted version of the International Phonetic Alphabet. This usually scares people. It used to scare me, but it’s not that bad when you learn a few rules.

The funny looking "n" is a common sound in Spanish where the tongue glides over the roof of the mouth from middle to front - as in the first "n" in the English language word "onion".

Well, let’s start with my first name.

"Bríd" rhymes with "Brie" (the French cheese). It also rhymes with the English language word "siege". And it sounds exactly like the Italians would say "Like ze breedge over ze trabled waaters", with one roll of the "r".

"Ní" means "daughter of" and starts with such an "n" as described above, an ’onion n’ as I call them, the first one in English "onion". It rhymes with German "sie" or English "she".

"Mhaoileoin" Oh, let’s leave that ’til next week! ;-)
The "L" is a gliding one - just try to say "onion" with a gliding "L" instead of a gliding "n"! Very roughly speaking we could use the English words "whale" and "own" and join them with one of those gliding "L’s".
What’s this, a f**king linguistics class? I only asked how to pronounce your name! ;-)
How can I remember how to spell your name? Just memorise "aoi" and "eoi" and then it's a piece of cake after that! Or just punch "Mh" and a bunch of vowals into Google and hopefully they will correct you!
How do you pronounce the name of your cd "Ar Mhuin na Muice"? Using English language pronounciation it would be:

[ehr WIHN naMWIH-kyeh] (the first "N" is an oniony one!)
What does "Ar Mhuin na Muice" mean? German: Sauwohl

English: On the pig's back
Meaning on top of the world or feeling bleedin’ great!

Spanish: (Estoy) en el lomo del cerdo (Estoy) en la cima del mundo

Note: If you look in an English dictionary, you will find that "on the pig’s back" also means "to have no financial worries". (See review of my cd in Irish Music Magazine Vol 9 No 11. August 2004). But If you look at what I say in the cd booklet about song number 12, you’ll see that it is not very likely that this was the meaning I was taking from it! And anyway, how many bleedin’ musicians do you know who have no financial worries?!
So why DID you call your cd "Ar Mhuin na Muice"? Because I was just feeling bleedin deadly. Singing with Alan Burke was great. Bleedin deadly!