CD Grand Tally/An Chuntas Mór

"The usual way you get your CD into a shop is through a distributor. The first hard fact you better face is that the distributor doesn’t want your CD and the shop doesn’t want it either! That's exactly how they feel about it so you might as well know it. They don't have to hear it. They know they don't want it. And why is that? Well, it’s nothing personal. It’s just that they already have far more product than they can handle and another CD from some unkown bunch of hopefuls is just what they don’t need. As I say, it’s nothing personal. It’s just the way it is".
Famous Irish music industry personality [my emphasis]

"Oh right Ted"! Bríd

"To succeed in the music business ‘take control’ " Kieran Goss

"Right"! Bríd

Aint nothin‘ like takin‘ control.

This is were I’m going to keep a tally of the number of cds I have sold through my website and respectively how many I still have to sell in order to get my bank account back to scratch. I'd like to thank Karyn for giving me the idea, (What?!! You've never heard of although I did have the idea WAY before she did! My original plan was to start a website with some demo songs and ask people to help me finance the making of my cd by ordering and paying for one in advance. © Bríd Ní Mhaoileoin July 2004!

Now there’s an idea for someone out there! (If you do it, don’t forget to mention me!)

Anywho, (I wonder where I got that word!), I didn’t go ahead with it (the website idea) but I did go ahead with the cd - although I knew that getting distribution would be not be easy. And it's not!

So I started my own online shop and I am very grateful to anyone who buys a cd. I look upon you as my sponsors. Everyone who buys a cd will be mentioned here below and are official sponsors of my debut cd "Ar Mhuin na Muice".
It’ll make the tax-man’s job easier too ;-)

So yer all asking, how many cds does she have to sell then, to break even. Well, it’s exaclty 1,111. Of course the cd is being sold by other online shops as well - if any are sold (and I am paid) I will obviously include this in my grand tally. Also any cds sold at concerts will also be taken into consideration. And if you’re asking yourself how come it cost so much, then click on FAQ.

Thank you. Go raibh maith agaibh. Ye sponsors of independent music makers!

Date/Dáta/Datum Name/Ainm/Name Note/Nóta/Anmerkung
28th June Karen Brennan
Ennis, Ireland
Bought the very first cd from my online shop!

1,110 to go!
5th July Eduard Dewald
San Fransisco, CA, USA
Bought the very second cd from my online shop!

1,109 to go!
21st July Tony Neville
Dublin, Ireland
Bought 20 cds to give his customers as Christmas presents.
Go raibh míle maith agat Tony. Thank you very very much. You don‘t know how much I appreciate that!

1,089 to go!
28th July Margot Hubka
Vienna, Austria
Bought the very first cd online within Austria!
Liebe Grüße nach Wien!

1,088 to go!
30th July Mirella Burri
Bern, Switzerland
Bought the very first cd online within Switzerland!
Grüsslies nach Bern!

1,087 to go!
2nd August Tadhg Ó Muirís
Toronto, Canada
Bought the very first cd online to go to Canada!
Merci mille fois! Go raibh maith agat, a Thadhg!

1,086 to go!
14nd August Daniela Redl
Bachzeile 7, 8383 Doiber, Bürgenland, Österreich
Bought the very first cd to go to Bürgenland in Austria!
Danke dir, Daniela!

1,085 to go!
19th August Judith Treml
The very first Austrian who bought 2 cds with the intention of sending one of them to Scotland as a present.
Och thanks lassie!

1,083 to go!
22nd August Willem Douma, Friesland,
The very first online sale to Holland.
Dank u!

1,082 to go!
25th August Martin Finke
The very first singer/songwriter from Ireland to order a cd online. Check out his website.
Noice one for thah an’ yer bleedin’ family too!

1,081 to go!
1st September Stephen Donohue
Stephen gets firsts all around! The first cd to go to Michigan AND it’s the first of September! The first online sale of September.
Way to go Stephen! Thanks!

1,080 to go!